Filter Sand and Gravel

Quartz Gravel for Catalyst Support

Technical Data:

Southern Products & Silica Company quartzite is mined and processed in North Carolina. Since this material is of high chemical purity, it is used extensively throughout the chemical processing industry. Our quartzite material is offered as natural gravel in various sizes specified by the customer. These products have been utilized throughout the world as inert catalyst support media and demonstrate the following properties:

  • Will not contaminate: over 99% pure SiO2 according to typical chemical analysis
  • Will not spall or disintegrate at temperatures up to 1200° F
  • Is free of fines upon shipment
  • Is double-washed and screened to size

Product Sizes:

1 ½ x 3/4 1 ¼ x 3/4 1 x 1/2